Bird Services

Pet birds provide wonderful companionship, fun and enjoyment for many people. Like any other pet, birds benefit greatly from regular health care and assessments. Establishing a relationship a veterinarian that regularly sees birds early in the ownership with your new bird will prove invaluable in many ways. Getting important baseline information such as weight, a general physical assessment, diet history and the cage environment will allow your veterinarian to make appropriate health care and nutrition recommendations. A vast majority of pet birds are surviving on inadequate diets and early corrections can prevent many health problems and heartache later on. Birds are prey species and as such are very good at hiding health problems from their owners…so much so that by the time people realize their bird is ill it may be very far into its disease. For pet birds an ounce of prevention can be worth many pounds of cure!

What kind of birds do you service?

We care for pet birds including parrots (psittacines), canaries and finches.

What type of grooming do birds require?

Grooming requirements for birds will vary depending on their health status and living conditions. Typical grooming services include wing clipping, nail trims and beak trims if appropriate.

What type of services do you provide for birds?

We provide wellness examinations as well as consultations for sick or debilitated birds. Diagnostic services include blood testing, fecal testing, x-rays, DNA sexing and DNA testing for various disease-causing agents like viruses. Nutritional counselling and environmental enrichment techniques are discussed to help improve your bird’s health and quality of life. Grooming services are provided as required or requested.


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