What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that dogs can pick up in the environment. It is also something that can be passed on to humans (zoonotic), which is why it is so important for people to be informed about it.  Leptospirosis can cause serious damage to the kidneys and liver, it can also be fatal. 

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Xylitol Ingestion in Dogs

Xylitol (zi-li-tol):  Is a naturally derived sweetener (sugar alcohol) that is used as a sugar supplement in many diabetic and low glycemic foods.  It has become a popular replacement for sugar found in everything from peanut butter, ketchup, toothpastes, gums, candies and vitamins.  Derived mainly from the Birch tree, it can be found in trace […]

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Indoor Activities for Dogs on Cold Days

It’s that time of year again when you could wake up to find the temperatures outside far too cold to take your canine friend out for a walk.  How on earth are you going to tire them out?  Too much pent up energy can lead to destruction and unwanted behaviours. 

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‘Tis The Season For Giving

The Georgina Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is located in Keswick. They provide shelter and emergency assistance to animals in need within the municipal borders of Georgina, East Gwillimbury, and Newmarket.

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Holiday Hazards

Family gatherings, huge meals, gift giving, and decorations! It’s that time of year again! The holidays can be busy, and often stressful with all of the planning and holiday buzz. At College Manor, we want to prevent added stress by making you aware of some of the more common holiday dangers that your pet can […]

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