Senior Pet Care

At College Manor, we’re committed to helping owners enrich the lives of their pets. Senior pets can live a longer, healthier and more active life by eating right and detecting diseases while they are still manageable.

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Cat Care and Early Detection

Cats need to be monitored from kitten to adult. Young cats are especially prone to urinary tract problems and intestinal parasites and most cats are seniors at the age of seven, which is 40-45 in human years. As a senior, careful monitoring becomes even more important as disorders, such as thyroid and renal disease, become […]

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The Creaky Cat

4 Steps to Better Comfort and Mobility It happens to the best of us. Despite all efforts to avoid it, we are likely all going to develop some mobility issues at some point in our lives. Whether from injury or just “wear and tear”, the cartilage that lines the bones within our joints does not […]

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5 Things to Know Before Getting a Chinchilla

As the owner of a chinchilla I have been asked by many people, “how are they as pets?”  My experience is that they are not your typical rodent and require much more care than many people realize.

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Lungworm Facts

Lungworm infection has become an increasing concern for dogs in Ontario as a cause for chronic respiratory disease with signs such as coughing, gagging, lethargy, exercise intolerance and difficulty breathing. Initially primarily a problem in Atlantic Canada where an estimated 21% of dogs presenting with signs of chronic respiratory disease are infected with Fox Lungworm, […]

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