Cat Boarding

Should you find yourself in a bind and have no one to take care of your cat while you are on vacation, please call the College Manor Veterinary Hospital at (905) 853-4706. We would love to care for your feline companion while you are away.

Why should I board my cat at College Manor?

The caring and compassionate staff at the College Manor Veterinary Hospital would love to provide care for your cat(s) while you are away. If you’d like a tour of the facility and to see where your cat would be staying during their vacation, please call us at (905) 853-4706 to schedule a walk thorough.

What are the admission requirements?

We do require all cats to be up to date on their yearly preventive care exam and also have a current rabies immunization.

How much is cat boarding?

The fees for boarding are accrued on an overnight basis. Please call the clinic and one of our wonderful staff members can schedule you for a tour of our facility and prepare an updated treatment plan for your cats to stay with us.


Parasite Prevention

We are all excited about the arrival of spring; better temperatures and more time in the great outdoors! As spring arrives so will the re-emergence of seasonal parasites like ticks, heartworm, intestinal worms, mosquitoes and fleas.  These parasites pose a threat to your pet’s health and in some cases (like ticks) to your family’s health.

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