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Bailey Elliott

Animal Care Attendant

I graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at Seneca in 2019 and joined CMVH in 2020. Everyone at College Manor made starting a new job so much easier because of all their kindness and enthusiasm for teaching. I started my veterinary field experience when I was 15 and over the years I’ve worked/volunteered in animal shelters, veterinary clinics and grooming salons.

I have 3 cats at home! Their names are Bandit, Litten and Mabel.

My favourite thing about working at CMVH is that we all believe that animal welfare is very important and that every animal deserves to have a great life.


Cat opening its mouth to be examined

Levels of Dental Disease in Your Pet and How You Can Prevent

Do you know the most common disease in dogs and cats? It is not liver or kidney disease, or even thyroid disease. It is dental disease! Did you know that dental disease affects over 80% of dogs over the age of 3 years, and between 50-90% of cats over 4 years?

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