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The Pitfalls of Choosing Dog Chew Toys

Chewing is good for your dog’s mental and physical health, so it is important that you provide them with plenty of things to chew on.

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Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Hedgehog

Sure, they are cute spiky balls who have adorable noses and tiny little paws, but they can be a handful if you don’t know how to take care of the little thing properly! So here are the top 5 things you should know before getting a Hedgehog.

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Taking Care of Your Senior Pet

When your cat or dog reaches a certain age, they will require more specialized care than usual. Being considered a senior is dependent upon on various factors, such as breed, environment, genetics, and nutrition.

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Preparing for Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to a pet that has become part of the family can be very difficult and hard to process. You have most likely spent years caring for them and have formed a very special bond with them.

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Dealing with Idiopathic Cystitis as a Pet Owner

Inappropriate urination by your family cat is upsetting for both your cat and yourself. For your cat, they may be suffering from one of many different afflictions causing this to happen, such as a bladder infection, urinary crystals/stones, or even stress.

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At Home Dental Products

Dental Health is such an essential part of your dog’s overall health.

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