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When Is It Time for Your Cat to See the Vet?

Cats are independent and secretive by nature. They can be elusive and hide injury and illness well. As a cat owner, you are the true expert in detecting the subtle changes in your cat’s behaviour. We are asking you to look closely, as we are worried.

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How Pheromones Can Make Our Pets Happier

A pheromone is a chemical compound that is produced and released by an animal to affect the behaviour of another animal of the SAME species. Coming from the Greek word “pherein,” meaning to “convey” and the English word hormone, the word pheromone was established in 1950 to describe these chemical messages.

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5 Ways to Prevent Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture

Here are a few ways to prevent cat scratching!

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Beating the Summer Heat

The hot days of summer are currently upon us, so it’s important to also think about helping our furry friends keep cool as well!

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How to Reduce the Smell in Your Cat’s Litter Box

Here are some tips on how to make your cat’s litter box smell better:

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Winter and Your Pets

There are many hazards during the winter months that families are unaware of.

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