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When Is It Time for Your Cat to See the Vet?

Cats are independent and secretive by nature. They can be elusive and hide injury and illness well. As a cat owner, you are the true expert in detecting the subtle changes in your cat’s behaviour. We are asking you to look closely, as we are worried.

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Beating the Summer Heat

The hot days of summer are currently upon us, so it’s important to also think about helping our furry friends keep cool as well!

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How to Reduce the Smell in Your Cat’s Litter Box

Here are some tips on how to make your cat’s litter box smell better:

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Making Sure Your Dog Is Ready for Summer Fun

We have put together a simple list of things you should always pack or have in the car for the “dog days of summer,” so your four-legged companions are just as ready for road trips and summer vacations as you are.

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Why Should I Vaccinate My Dog for "Kennel Cough?"

For most dog owners, the name kennel cough is very misleading.

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