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5 Ways to Prevent Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture

Here are a few ways to prevent cat scratching!

  1. A Vertical Scratcher
    For some cats, a tall scratching surface that stands vertically is needed because they love to stretch their entire body while scratching. Look for a scratcher that is at least as tall as your cat when they stand on their hind legs. Also, ensure that it is sturdy and cannot easily be pushed over.
  2. A Horizontal scratcher
    Some cats prefer using a horizontal scratching surface, rather than a vertical one. Some cats like to have a bit of both, so having a vertical and a horizontal scratching surface may be an option.
  3. Catnip
    Some cats need a little enticing to scratch in a specific area or surface. Spraying or sprinkling catnip can help encourage them to scratch in their designated spot or surface.
  4. Place your scratcher strategically
    Determine which pieces of furniture and what areas of that piece of furniture your cat has been scratching. Place your scratcher in front of or next to that area to divert their attention to the scratcher instead.
  5. Keep your cat’s nails clipped
    Keeping your cat’s nails short will help reduce the urge they have to scratch. You can buy a pair of clippers and clip them yourself or bring your cat into the nearest veterinary clinic to get them trimmed!

Written by College Manor Veterinary Hospital



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