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10 Things to Know About Ticks and Your Dog

1:  Ticks are 8 legged parasites that belong to the spider family arachnids.  They live off of the blood of other animals. 2:  Ticks go through several stages in their life cycle – larva, nymph, and adult.  Each stage has a host animal that they feed off of.  Species such as the Deer Tick can […]

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Are Lily Plants Poisonous to Cats?

It was a week before Valentine’s Day 2016 and as an adoring husband I made my plans to have flowers delivered to the College Manor Veterinary Hospital to be brought home to my wife Dr. Jacqui.  And because of our cat CiCi, who despite her age is still very inquisitive, I specifically asked the person […]

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What to Tell Your Cat sitter Before Going on Vacation

March Break is fast approaching so you’ve checked your kids school schedule, paid for your flight and hotel accommodations, booked your excursions, picked up the sunscreen and then you realize amidst all the excitement…you forgot all about “Fluffy” your cat L.  Who is going to take care of your “other” cherished family member while you […]

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Home Dental Care Products for Your Pet

Previously we’ve talked about brushing your pet’s teeth, we’ve seen the video, but what else can we be doing to help out our pet’s oral health?  When dealing with dental products, we highly recommend using products that are VOHC seal approved. What does the acronym VOHC stand for you may ask? It is the Veterinary […]

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