Preparing for Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to a pet that has become part of the family can be very difficult and hard to process. You have most likely spent years caring for them and have formed a very special bond with them.

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College Manor Goes to Kindergarten

Recently, Dr. Kelly and RVT Suzanne made a visit to a local kindergarten class. These visits are beneficial to everyone involved. The class loved talking about their own pets and their interactions with animals, and in turn, we get to tell them all about what we do in our day.

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Dealing with Idiopathic Cystitis as a Pet Owner

Inappropriate urination by your family cat is upsetting for both your cat and yourself. For your cat, they may be suffering from one of many different afflictions causing this to happen, such as a bladder infection, urinary crystals/stones, or even stress.

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Calling All Cat Owners!

During August and September 2018, the College Manor Veterinary Hospital is celebrating our feline patients.

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When Is It Time for Your Cat to See the Vet?

Cats are independent and secretive by nature. They can be elusive and hide injury and illness well. As a cat owner, you are the true expert in detecting the subtle changes in your cat’s behaviour. We are asking you to look closely, as we are worried.

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