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Calling All Cat Owners!

During August and September 2018, the College Manor Veterinary Hospital is celebrating our feline patients.

We want to focus on feline health and education, helping to strengthen the bond between cats and their owners. We will have tons of educational material both in-clinic and on our website. We are offering discounted wellness bloodwork at this time, and no blood collection fee.

Contest Giveaways:

  1. All cat food purchases are given a ballot for entry into our draw for a Catit Food Tree and a free bag of your cat’s food. The draw will be held October 1, 2018.
  2. All feline annual wellness appointments will receive a ballot for entry into our draw for a Deluxe Catit Giveaway toy and treat gift basket including a Catit Treat Spinner, Catit Senses Wave Toy, PureBites treats, and a Kong Kickeroo! You can also buy ballots with a $2 donation to our Oscar Fund. The draw will be held October 1, 2018.

Contact us at the College Manor Veterinary Hospital 905.853.4706 for more information, or to book your cat for a wellness examination.

Written by College Manor Veterinary Hospital


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