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Making Sure Your Dog Is Ready for Summer Fun

We have put together a simple list of things you should always pack or have in the car for the “dog days of summer,” so your four-legged companions are just as ready for road trips and summer vacations as you are.

  1. Have a list of telephone numbers for local veterinarians and emergency clinics, familiarize yourself with their whereabouts.Two dogs in a car with their tongues sticking out
  2. A current list of any medications, dosages and updated vaccine status in case you have to take them to an unfamiliar clinic (It’s also useful to know how much your dog weighs).
  3. Proper identification and updated phone numbers on any collars, tags and microchip information.
  4. Make sure your dog is on flea and tick medication.
  5. Lots of water!
  6. Consider a muzzle, or know how to make a bandage tie muzzle. Even the friendliest dogs can bite if in extreme pain or fearful situations.Two dogs at a campsite
  7. Appropriate housing or restraint for your dog if they need to be contained – no hot cars!
  8. What you should have in your first-aid kit:
  • Bandage material (gauze, tape, cotton pads)
  • Vet wrap
  • Buster collar
  • Thermometer
  • Tick Twister
  • Skunk solution
  • Water or saline solution for flushing cuts or eyes

Written by Michelle Walsh, RVT



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