Behavioural Counseling

Helping pet owners address problematic behaviours in their companions.

Does your canine companion growl when you want to sit on YOUR couch, not play well with other dogs or people or suffer from separation anxiety? These are just some of the examples of behavioural issues clients face on a day to day basis. If you feel you have a dog like the one described above, please call us at the clinic to schedule a behavioural consult with one of our caring veterinarians.

How can dog counsellors help?

The wonderful veterinarians at the College Manor Veterinary Hospital would be happy to discuss different behavioural modifications with you and make recommendations to help you get back that wonderful relationship you used to have with your canine friend.

What happens at the consultation?

When you come in for a behavioural consult our veterinarian will take a thorough history from you on your canine companion, do a full comprehensive physical exam and make their recommendations based on those findings.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of consultation?

There are quite a few Pet Insurance Companies on the market now, and each one has different policies and items which they cover. It is always best to check with your specific insurance provider anytime you have questions about whether a treatment will be covered.

What to expect after the consultation?

After your behavioural consultation with one of the veterinarians at The College Manor Veterinary Hospital you should have all the tools you require to start working with your animal companion on their behavioural modification journey. Each animal and situation are unique, and as such, there is no “textbook” fix for the problems you may be experiencing with your pet.

We hope you will take the tips and tricks we offer and start implementing them immediately, but we would also like to keep in close contact with you during the initial re-training period to offer support, encouragement or different tactics depending on how things are progressing. We would love to hear from you as often as required to eventually rehabilitate your animal companion into the loving, well-behaved pet you expected to adopt.

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