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Play Time with Rats

They’re small, cute, and super smart! Having a pet rat has been said to be like having a miniature dog, but how do you keep them enriched? There are so many fantastic ways you can entertain your pet rats. They love to be challenged, just as much as they love to be cuddled. Here are some ideas on how to provide enrichment for your little friends.

Toilet Paper Rolls!!! These are a popular choice, easy to come by, and long-term fun. There are so many different uses for these recyclables. You can put them into the cage intact and let the rats decide what they want to do with it. You can also cut them into even rings and make treat hiding balls. Simply cut the tube into 6 evenly spaced rings. Then overlap the rings to make a ball. This fun little trinket can be used to hide tasty treats while providing a fun foraging toy.

toilet rolls

Another quick and easy addition to a cage is burying treats in the bedding material when you clean the cage. This is a great way to encourage your rats to explore and enjoy a clean cage.

Another great option is playing tag! It’s easy and so fun. Just use your hands, as if they were little rats. Give your rat a tickle on the bum and then quickly scamper your hands away. It could take a bit for them to understand the game, but once they catch on its buckets of fun.

Last fun enrichment tip for today is cuddle time! Sometimes a simple cup of tea and a couple cookies can be the best de-stressor ever. As long as you don’t forget to bring enough cookies for you and your rats. Remember sharing is caring! Grab a blanket that you can devote to rat cuddle time and cover up those nice sheets. Put on a Netflix movie and nibble away with your pocket companion. Enjoy!!

Written by CMVH Team



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