Hamsters & Kids

The little person in your life wants a little friend! Where do you start? We know it can be super exciting for your kids to get their first pet. But sometimes you want something a little more huggable than a fish. Hamsters are a great first pet for your little men and women in training.

Here are some 4 ways to keep your kids in the loop.

1. “Hit the Books”

What kind of hamster do you want? A dwarf, teddy bear, Syrian? What cage do you need? What kind of food do they eat? Try to make it a fun project for you and your family. Bristle boards, construction paper, and some glue can make for an all-inclusive activity that also makes for a great summer project.

2. “Choose your weapons”

Take a trip to your local pet store with your young new experts in everything Hammie. Let them use their research to pick out the best bedding, cage, toys, food, and water bottle. With your guidance of course. Feel free to give them a budget or specific task to help them prepare for their new responsibility.

3. “Give them a Fur-ever Home”

Head on out and find your new pet. It’s great to have kids talk with the breeder or the store attendee so they can pick a personality that they would like. When choosing your hamster, remind your kids about things like being gentle with their handling and quiet with their voices.

4. “Raising them up Right!”

This is when the bond between your kids and their hamster grows. Encourage daily handling so that your hamster becomes familiar with their scent and is comfortable being woken up in the afternoon. Make sure your kids are checking food and water levels daily. Once a week help your kids to clean the cage and soon they will have a routine down pat.

Hamsters can be just as smart as rats. There are lots of enrichment ideas online that are fun and easy to craft with your kids. Don’t forget to give your hamster a fantastic name!