Staff Pet Nutrition & Bios

We would like to share our pets with you!

CMVH Team Member: Michelle, RVT
Pet: Rookie, 5yrs old, mixed breed (German Shepherd x Boxer)
Diet: Hill’s Metabolic/Mobility dry kibble
Why?: “Rookie is a large breed dog who lives with a toddler that loves to feed him! He put on a little extra weight and in 2015 he had a TPLO surgery to repair his knee. The Metabolic/Mobility diet keeps his weight in check as well as providing him with high quality essential fatty acids to maintain his joint health”.


CMVH Team Member: Dr. Donais
Pet: Kingston, 6yrs old, Domestic Long Hair
Diet: Hill’s T/D dry and I/D canned
Why?: “As Kingston is very challenging when it comes to brushing his teeth the T/D diet provides daily dental care that will protect his oral health and help him maintain a healthy body weight. His I/D canned food is his absolute favorite and he loves it with additional warm water added to it! It provides a healthy daily treat and ensures he takes in plenty of water to help protect his current and future kidney health.”


MVH Team Member: Laura, Reception
Pet: Jace, 3yrs old, Mastiff x Catahoula Mix
Diet: Royal Canin Select Protein Kangaroo and Oat
Why?: “Possible food and/or seasonal allergies were causing Jace to be itchy and chew at the skin on his sides. This diet worked to rebuild his skin and its protective layers. His coat is beautiful again with zero itching and no medications needed!”


MVH Team Member: Mikayla, Reception
Pet: Sherlock, 2yrs old, Hedgehog
Diet: Hill’s feline W/D
Why? Hedgehogs are insectivores and require a diet rich in good quality protein and fat, low in calories, and balanced nutrition. A good quality cat food can provide all of these things!


CMVH Team Member: Ashley, Reception
Pet: Puck, 5ys old Green Cheek Conure
Diet: Harrison Bird food High Potency Fine
Why feed? Puck started out from a pet store on a seed only diet, and until I was educated this is all I knew to buy. Puck eats this certified organic Harrison Bird food to get a well-balanced diet to maintain adult health.


MVH Team Member: Jena, RVT
Pet: Mizuki, 5yrs old, Domestic Shorthair
Diet: Hill’s C/D canned
Why?: “Mizuki is immuno compromised, and this causes painful ulcerations in her mouth. She is also susceptible to feline oral resorptive lesions. A recent dental procedure resulted in a full mouth tooth extraction to help her feel more comfortable and improve her oral health. She is otherwise a young healthy cat that benefits from the great nutrition that the C/D gives her.


CMVH Team Member: Vanessa, RVT
Pet: Elly, 8yrs old, Goldie-Poo
Diet: Hill’s w/d
Why? “Elly is a diabetic and the Hill’s W/D diet helps control her blood glucose levels while keeping her weight down and giving her optimal nutrition.”


CMVH Team Member: Suzanne, RVT
Pet: Lola, 10yrs old, Rhodesian Ridgeback
Diet: Hill’s K/D
Why?: “In Lola’s senior years she has developed some renal insufficiency. The K/D diet gives her the proper amount of high-quality protein that eases the workload on her kidneys while maintaining her senior health and muscle mass.”


CMVH Team Member: Suzanne, RVT
Pet: Stryker, 12wks old, Rhodesian Ridgeback
Diet: Royal Canin Development Large Breed
Why?: “As a large breed dog it’s important that Stryker’s body grow at a smooth steady rate and allow his joint and bone development to properly support his large body. This food has the proper balance of protein, calcium and phosphorus to allow for this to happen as well as being highly digestible.”


CMVH Team Member: Ashley, Reception
Pet: Blu, 2yrs old, Australian Cattle Dog
Diet: Hill’s I/D digestive care
Why? “Blu was having problems digesting the kibble she was on previously and also having irregular stools. She now eats Hill’s I/D food to help improve her digestion so she gets the most nutrition out of every meal.”


CMVH Team Member: Ashley, Reception
Pet: Cheeche, 12yrs old, Chihuahua
Diet: Hill’s K/D & Mobility
Why? “Cheeche was diagnosed with heart failure in 2015 and kidney disease in 2017. Cheeche’s eats the Hill’s K/D + Mobility to protect her kidney and heart function, while it is also helping to maintain her muscle mass and a healthy body condition.


CMVH Team Member: Ashley, Reception
Pet: Stella, 8yrs old, Chihuahua mix
Diet: Hill’s T/D small bites
Why Feed: “I adopted Stella when she was 4 years old and she needed a dental with a few teeth to be extracted. I feed her T/D small bites to help maintain her oral health”.


CMVH Team Member: Dr Kelly
Pet: Diego, 9yrs old, Dachshund
Diet: Hill’s T/D
Why?: “Being a small breed dog that are prone to dental issues, T/D is one of the preventative measures I use to ensure his dental health. Also, being a busy mom of 2 small kids, I don’t always have time to brush his teeth like I would like to and at least I know I’m always helping maintain his dental health with his diet. “


Team Member: Sharla, RVT, Office Manager
Pet: Slater, 1yrs old, Border Collie
Diet: Royal Canin Development, mixed with Hill’s T/D
Why?: Slater is in the process of transitioning from his puppy food to an adult diet. He has no health concerns and the RC Development diet has helped him to grow to his adult size healthy and strong. He will eat the Hill’s T/D food to maintain his oral health along with receiving all of its great nutrition!”



CMVH Team Member: Dr Bruch
Pet: Beatrice Grace, 1yr old, Domestic Shorthair
Diet: She eats Prescription Diet C/D MultiCare Urinary Care and 28 Prescription Diet T/D kibbles (counted out by hand) per day. This is supplemented by the occasional bug or spider and whatever else she may find on the floor. Yup, she’s that kind of cat.
Why?: “Beatrice is 14 months old but very much still a kitten. She is curious, cuddly, energetic and evil all at the same time! She has the appetite of a Labrador Retriever so we strictly control her food intake. We feed her a urinary specific canned food because of the high prevalence of urinary tract disease in indoor cats. Canned food offers benefits for weight management, hydration and protein intake in cats and may decrease risks of obesity, diabetes and urinary tract disease and kidney problems. This is important; it promotes healthy longevity. Having the personality she has, prevention is key; it would be challenging to give her medications if she became ill! The Prescription Diet T/D is highly effective in keeping cat teeth free of plaque and tartar, minimizing the risk of dental disease. The combination keeps her trim, well dressed in a luxurious coat, and gives her the energy to terrorize us…”


MVH Team Member: Dr. Allison
Pet: Oreo, 1yr old, English Spotted Rabbit
Diet: Oxbow Timothy Hay
Why: “Rabbits need a diet high in fibre for their digestive health, the hay also provides maximum chewing action to keep his teeth in line and prevent over growth. Small amounts of high quality, nutritionally balanced pellets and some fresh vegetables round out his diet.”


CMVH Team Member: Dr. Allison
Pet: Vim, 4yrs old, Domestic Shorthair
Diet: Hill’s T/D
Why?: “The T/D diet does a great job of keeping Vim’s teeth and gums healthy. It’s high in fiber so along with giving him excellent nutrition it helps to keep him at a healthy weight.”


CMVH Team Member: Dr Allison
Pet: Landyn, 1.5yrs old, Golden Retriever
Pet: Austyn, 8 weeks old, Golden Retriever
Diet: Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy and Royal Canin Large Breed Adult
Why?: “Landyn and Austyn are young, healthy, puppies. Landyn is in the process of switching to his adult diet and ideally I would like him to eat the RC dental formula but he doesn’t like to chew his kibble! The RC large breed formula supports a healthy weight for him and will provide support to his bones and joints and he lives an active lifestyle. It’s important that Austyn’s body grow at a smooth steady rate to ensure that his body mass doesn’t outgrow the bones and joints that support him. The RC large breed puppy has the proper balance of protein, calcium and phosphorus to allow for this to happen as well as being highly digestible for his developing digestive tract.”


CMVH Team Member: Lorena, Reception
Pet: Gunner, 8wks old, Golden x Border Collie
Diet: Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy
Why?: “Gunner is a large breed puppy and needs to have a diet that is balanced to ensure proper growth and development of his bones and joints with the rest of his body. It is easy for him to digest as well for his growing digestive system and… He absolutely loves it!”


CMVH Team Member: Lorena, Reception
Pet: Mickie, 3yrs old, Coconut Hound
Diet: Hill’s T/D
Why?: “Mickie is a young healthy dog, he came from the Dominican Republic and we don’t know anything about his health history. The T/D helps keep his teeth healthy, gives him great nutrition, and its higher fibre content keeps his weight in check.”


CMVH Team Member: College Manor Veterinary Hospital
Pet: Tink, 7yrs old, Domestic Shorthair
Diet: Hill’s T/D and Hill’s C/D canned
Why: Tink is our clinic cat. We want her to be on a high-quality nutrition that will help maintain her good health and proper weight. The T/D helps us take care of her teeth and oral hygiene and the c/d canned helps increase her water intake which is important for her kidneys.