College Manor Goes to Kindergarten

Recently, Dr. Kelly and RVT Suzanne made a visit to a local kindergarten class. These visits are beneficial to everyone involved. The class loved talking about their own pets and their interactions with animals, and in turn, we get to tell them all about what we do in our day. This year, we took Diego, the Dachshund and Stryker, the Rhodesian Ridgeback with us. I think the dogs enjoyed themselves too; they got lots of attention and lots of treats.

It always amazes me what the kids are fascinated by. This year we brought with us a bunch of skeletal bones. We started out by asking them what they thought the bones were that we brought. We started off by showing them a pelvis – the best answer I heard was a face. We showed them a scapula, they answered back with a wing. Such great answers! The best part is that nobody was shy to answer even if they were wrong.

The most exciting part of the morning was when the class was able to listen to the dog’s hearts and their hearts. You can tell from the look on their faces the moment they hear the heart. Their eyes light up with amazement.

All in all, it was a great day for everyone involved.