Beating the Summer Heat

The hot days of summer are currently upon us, so it’s important to also think about helping our furry friends keep cool as well! Here are a couple tips and tricks to help keep your pet cool this summer:

  1. Make sure that your pet ALWAYS has access to fresh, clean water.
  2. Provide your pet with a cool surface to lie on – many animals love stretching out on the cool tile floors, taking a good nap in the basement, or even on a fancy pet cooling mat that can be purchased from many pet stores.
  3. If you bring your pet outside with you, make sure that they have access to shade at all times. Be sure to check in on them frequently, and if they seem uncomfortable, consider bringing them back indoors.
  4. Consider shortening your walk when the weather is hot or humid! Also keep in mind that asphalt, concrete, decking material, etc. can get VERY hot in the sun. Try to walk your pet on cooler surfaces!
  5. Sometimes it is best to leave your pet at home! There are lots of fun summer activities to do in the heat, but sometimes your pet will be safer and happier if they are left at home in the air conditioning.
  6. Take extra precautions with all brachycephalic breeds (Pugs, French Bulldogs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, Shih Tzus, etc.). These guys struggle much more in the heat, as their adorable squished faces make breathing and cooling down a bit more challenging.
  7. As always, NEVER leave your pet in the car! Cars will get dangerously hot very quickly, and the potential consequences are not worth the risk!

Hopefully, everyone can enjoy the summer and stay as safe as possible! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the staff at College Manor Veterinary Hospital. We would be more than willing to chat with you further.