5 Great Water Toys for Dogs

Here are five water toys that will have your dog staying active all summer long!

Chuckit!® Amphibious Bumper Dog Toy (Walmart)

  • Excellent for fetching in and out of the water!
  • Its lightweight and easy to clean, it is also soft and won’t hurt your dog’s teeth

FouFIT Pupsicle Freezable Dog Toy, Orange (Amazon.ca)

  • For small breed dogs, this toy can be soaked in water and frozen for a refreshing chew on a hot day.

Water Loopies (Amazon.ca)

  • Have a great shape for grabbing and pulling; they’re made of nylon and great for in and out of the water.

Classic Kong (Petsmart)

  • The Kong has been around for a long time and always make the favourite lists because it is sturdy, safe and versatile. We like to suggest you stuff and freeze it with your dogs favourite canned food and treats, for a nice refreshing meal on a summers day!

Outward Hound Doggy Drencher (Walmart)

  • This durable chew doggy sprinkler hooks up to the garden hose for an awesome splash and cools down for water-loving dogs.

Written by Michelle Walsh, RVT