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‘Tis The Season For Giving

The Georgina Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is located in Keswick. They provide shelter and emergency assistance to animals in need within the municipal borders of Georgina, East Gwillimbury, and Newmarket.

If a lost pet is unable to be reunited with its owner than they are assessed and put up for adoption.

“Our shelter utilizes Helping Lost Pets to post all cats and dogs who arrive at the shelter as strays.”

Register and search for lost and found pets here:
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Animal Control Contact information
Georgina & Newmarket: 1-855- 898-8605
East Gwillimbury & Georgina Island: 1-888- 644-5634
Animal Shelter: 1-800- 898-8606 extension 3

We would like to help them out this holiday season and with your help, we hope we can make some animals a little more comfortable in their time of need. We are asking for donations of new or gently used items such as bedding, leashes/collars, toys, and dishes. Food and treats are always graciously accepted as well as kitten milk supplement and pet carriers/crates of all sizes. Although we are not taking cash donations on their behalf, you can donate directly to them and your monies will go into their emergency medical fund to help pay for procedures or emergency medical care.

ALL DONATIONS big and small make a difference in these animals’ lives!

Written by College Manor Veterinary Hospital



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